ARANSSMM5A - Surface Sanitiser 500ml Aerosol
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Hospital Grade Surface Spray

MedicShield is a hard surface cleaner and sanitiser that
is proven to be effective against a range of bacteria, fungi
and viruses that can cause disease especially in those that
are in a weakened state. MedicShield has application in
Medical, Dental, Aged Care and Laboratory.

MedicShield is Suitable for the following:
In Intensive Care Units
- Cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces.
In Operating Theatres
- Cleaning and disinfecting tables disinfect equipment,
cables and will not adversely affect surfaces.
For Blood spills
- MedicShield is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting blood spills
on all hard surfaces.
- MedicShield is ideal for disinfecting phones where large numbers
of bacteria are found.
In Dental and GP Surgeries
- MedicShield can be used in Dental and GP
surgeries for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces including chairs, stools, tables
benches and light fttings.
In Laboratories & Pathology Clinics
- MedicShield is excellent for wiping
down benches, disinfection of white rooms, cleaning and disinfection of fume
cupboards, etc.
In the Nursery
- Cleaning cribs, cots and change tables.
- Cleaning bench tops, stainless steel surfaces, sinks, trolleys, tap
In Toilets Showers and Sinks - Tile Surfaces, and all hard surfaces

500ml Aerosol Can